The JS offers one single individual consultation per project idea which shall take place until the day before the launch of the Call for Proposals. These optional consultations can be related to technical issues on content, communication and finance. During the consultation the JS will provide technical advice on specific aspects that are unclear from the Programme documents; each consultation shall last a maximum of 45 minutes in total. Only Lead Applicants can request to have individual consultations with the JS, limited to one consultation per project idea. Cut-off dates by which project ideas can be addressed to the JS are 1 week before the launch of each call for proposals.

When requesting an individual consultation, the preparation of an application should ideally be in a more mature phase already. Consultations cannot be based on any other information than project ideas previously entered in Italy-Croatia CBC Programme 2014-2020 website in the related section. If specifically requested by the Lead Applicant the project idea included in the Programme website may not be published.

ATTENTION - relevant information about consultation

ATTENTION - relevant information about consultation!

Consultations are no pre-assessments and will not be based on the Application Form or parts of it.

The JS will clarify general principles but not advise on concrete outputs, activities or deliverables nor e.g. the admissibility or the eligibility of the specific project proposal;

Lead Applicants are invited to use this service after having carefully read the call documents and Cooperation Programme;

Consultations cannot be focused on the consistency of the project proposal with the national or regional strategies and priorities (for these aspects, relevant national/ regional services should be consulted).


Consultation requests

Individual consultations with JS can take place:

  • in video meetings;
  • face-to-face meetings at the Head office / Branch offices of the JS.

Due to the limited capacity of the Joint Secretariat, individual consultations cannot be granted to all Lead Applicants. Consultations are granted in English language with the possibility to use Programme participating Countries languages according to the availability of the JS staff.


Consultations will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis; Lead Applicants shall be aware that video meetings are always available while face-to-face meetings depend on availability of the Project Managers.


When requesting a consultation, Lead Applicants shall send an email to the JS address and specify:

  • name of the project idea ALREADY included in the Programme website (Section "Ideas and Expertise") with the information on willingness of publishing the idea or not;
  • name of the persons (max 2) that will participate in the meeting;
  • desired meeting modality (face-to-face or video) and, if applicable, place (Head office / Branch offices - which one);
  • any specific question the Lead Applicant would like to address to the JS.

Individual consultations are limited in number and time but for additional questions of a more general nature the helpdesk can be addressed at any time (  / 041 279 3120).