Regional paying agency for agricultural sector, EU Audit unit

Via Niccolò Tommaseo 67/C – 35131 Padua, Italy
Phone: +39 049 7708711


The AA is independent from the other programme bodies and it has been identified in EU Audit Unit of AVEPA, regional paying agency for agricultural sector with administrative, organizational, accounting and financial autonomy. The AA shall act, during the implementation of its tasks, in full accordance with Italian provisions.

AA Director    
Mr Francesco ROSA    
Phone: +39 049 7708711

Group of Auditors

Group of Auditors (GoA)

The AA is assisted by a Group of Auditors in accordance with art. 25 of ETC Regulation.
The representatives of GoA will be appointed by the concerned Member State.

Representative of auditors from Croatia will be nominated by the Agency for the Audit of EU Programmes Implementation System, while representative of auditors from Italy will be nominated by the AA directly. The GoA members shall be independent from any the management and control system of the Programme and namely from the MC and the controllers ex art. 23.4 of ETC Regulation and from any funded operation.

The GoA shall be set up within three months of the decision approving the Italy-Croatia Programme at the latest. It shall draw up its own rules of procedure and will be chaired by the AA. The group of auditors shall, additionally, ensure that the bodies in charge of carrying out the audits have the necessary functional independence.

Each Member State shall be responsible for the audits carried out on its territory in accordance with Table 22 listed in the CP.