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Published on 20/12/2018 (last modified 21/06/2019)

New gateway to EU funding in Macro-Regions

Due to the success of the pilot initiative EuroAccess Danube Region of PAC10, EuroAccess was expanded and launched in June 2018 and is currently covering all 4 EU Macro-Regions (Baltic, Danube, Alpine, Adriatic&Ionian).
EuroAccess Macro-Regions is an online massive database of Programmes and contacts containing:

  • search engine for EU funding
  • call for proposals in more than 300 EU funding Programmes
  • filters: applicant, origin, thematic focus, typology of funding


The main aim of this information and search tool is to give access and support the people with limited knowledge of funds & macroregional strategies to find suitable sources of EU funding for their potential project ideas.