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Input Paper On Post 2020 | Programme Contribution

Published on 22/01/2019 (last modified 21/06/2019)

Position of the Italy-Croatia Programme for the debate on the future of the maritime CBC in the next programming period

The MC approved the Input paper “Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme contribution to the debate on the next programming period” that wants to be an input to the on-going debate on the 2021-2027 programming period.


The need for such Input Paper stems from the concern expressed by the MC representatives of both countries, Italy and Croatia, on the uncertain future of maritime cross-border cooperation programmes as the debate, concerning the main features and components of the post 2020 territorial cooperation programmes, seems to put their very existence into question.  


Instead, Italy-Croatia Programme’s MC representatives strongly advocate the importance of maintaining and strengthening the maritime dimension of the cross-border cooperation in the Adriatic Sea, highlighting its specificty compared with the terrestrial dimension and its complementarity with the transnational dimension.